figurative artist Kathryn Kaiser

Kathryn Kaiser artist statement and bio

Artist Statement

A thing must stir my emotions before I can portray it in paint. Through story I strive to bridge the space between the tangible and the ephemeral.

I work mainly in oil, acrylic and dry media; materials that allow me to express my vision intuitively and immediately.

I approach each piece from a unique perspective — allowing my work to stay fresh, which keeps the process ever evolving and expanding.

Artist Statement and Bio-Canadian figurative artist Kathryn Kaiser


Born in Alberta, Canada, Kathryn attended University of Lethbridge, where she studied Fine Arts, Psychology and Aboriginal Studies. As a young teen she was awarded scholarships to The Alberta College of Art and the Banff School of Fine Arts. Painting was always a part of her life.

As an adult, she has pursued her creative passion by taking classes and workshops and otherwise expanding her talents and experience wherever and whenever she is able. Her creative influences are mainly expressive figurative artists like Jenny Savillle, Peter Doig, John Hartman and Chris Gwaltney.

Ms Kaiser is a member of ODAC (Orillia District Arts Council), an active member of OMAH (Orillia Museum of Art and History), MacLaren Art Centre in Barrie, ON and Quest Art in Midland Ontario.

She participates in the esteemed annual Images Thanksgiving Studio Tour each year, as well as the Coldwater & Area Studio Tour (CAST). Kathryn has been involved in various projects promoting artists and their work, as well as humanitarian work with refugees and new Canadians.

Kathryn does architectural renderings for various design, architectural and landscaping companies. She has been active in the Orillia Streets Alive (street art) project for the past few years and has enjoyed it immensely. Public and street art holds a growing interest for her.

Teaching is another one of Kathryn’s accomplishments and treasures. It is an honour to encourage others to overcome their apprehension, enabling them to open to the process and express themselves creatively.

Link to Curriculum Vitae here.